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Jonah Hill joins Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street

Just in time to remind you that Jonah Hill can do more than discuss cocksucking with ease and expressiveness, the Oscar nominee has once again been cast opposite a handsome leading man in another potential hunk of Oscar bait—namely Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio. As previously reported, the story is set amid the great '90s stockbroker swindle that continues to be the gift that keeps on giving us reasons to complain, with DiCaprio playing decadent financial whiz Jordan Belfort during his epic rise and fall. And because real-life, off-putting iconoclasts played by handsome leading men need someone to humanize them, Jonah Hill has once again been called up to duty to play DiCaprio's pal, who's lured out of furniture dealing to become DiCaprio's business partner and gets swept up in his lavish lifestyle. After all, at some point in this story Scorsese is going to need someone to get riled up and yell some exasperated blunt truths, and Joe Pesci is too old and Jonah Hill can do that.


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