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Jonah Hill is now taking your calls

Our day of unconventional, thematically appropriate promotional campaigns continues with the chance to talk to Jonah Hill, who, according to a just-received press release, will be taking your phone calls at (917) 409-7838 over some indeterminate time period for the foreseeable future, all in the name of promoting his upcoming comedy The Sitter. If that sounds frustratingly vague, well, it sort of is, but nevertheless the film’s publicist swears that Hill is “seriously” going to be answering the phone himself, though only "occasionally" and "at random." In the meantime, most callers will likely just hear a voicemail from Hill (as his babysitter character) directing them to the movie’s Facebook page, after which they can leave their own messages for Hill and/or his promotional team. But who knows? Maybe Jonah Hill is waiting to talk to you right now. Better think of something to talk about.


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