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Jonah and the 'bots "binge the unbingeable binge" in the MST3K: The Gauntlet trailer

This strange and wonderful new world—a world where Mystery Science Theater 3000 is not only back, but more available than ever—only continues to get stranger and more wonderful. As we reported back in September, the show returns for its second season on Netflix (its 12th season overall) on November 22, the 3oth anniversary of the show’s debut on Thanksgiving Day of 1988. And today the streaming service debuted a trailer revealing the premise of this new season: A brain-meltingly, butt-numbingly brutal nod to the streaming format known as “The Gauntlet.”


Titles include the 1988 Mcdonald’s-shilling E.T. rip-off Mac And Me, known to Conan O’Brien fans as the movie where the kid in the wheelchair goes flying off of the cliff; the geographically improbable 2013 The Asylum “mockbuster” Atlantic Rim; the similarly shameless Lords Of The Deep (1989), produced by the original master of the C-grade rip-off, Roger Corman; time-traveling sci-fi grab bag The Day Time Ended (1979), with special effects described by one reviewer as “a bunch of glowing bullshit;” the bizarre (and very cheap-looking) heist movie/piranha movie hybrid Killer Fish (1979); and the Cave Dwellers precursor Ator, The Fighting Eagle (1982), yet another rip-off of a more popular movie—in this case, Conan The Barbarian. We’re guessing that last one is going to A) be terrible, and B) have lots of naked ladies in it, based simply on the fact that it’s directed by prolific Italian sleaze-peddler Joe D’Amato.

We’ve got 10 days until Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns on Netflix, giving you time to watch the following clip from Mac And Me approximately 9,600 times in preparation.