(Screengrab: The Late Show/YouTube)

If there ever was a more perfect day for Jon Stewart to re-assume a position behind a desk, yesterday was it. The resignation of Fox’s Roger Ailes paired with Donald Trump’s RNC speech made for the perfect storm of things that make Stewart’s blood boil. So, thankfully, Stephen Colbert briefly relinquished his The Late Show post to Stewart after some off-screen Ailes-related celebration.

At first Stewart seemed slightly uneasy, wearing a clip on tie and an ill-fitting suit jacket over a t-shirt. (Stewart really doesn’t care for dressing up anymore, it seems.) The opening of his segment was tentative, but by the time he started in on Sean Hannity’s outrageous hypocrisy he was back to the Jon we know. Calling Hannity “Lumpy,” Stewart demonstrated how the conservative pundit is praising Trump for the same traits for which Obama has been derided.


Stewart gave a shout-out to his favorite fast food establishment—Arby’s, of course—and used his beloved curse word “bullshit.” CBS censors must have hated that, but it was worth it all the same.