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Jon Stewart’s directorial debut gets a release date

Until recently, the only chance you had of seeing what good came of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show hiatus last summer was attending the Toronto Film Festival premiere of Rosewater, or watching Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. But now you don’t have to subject yourself to Canadian or British people: Open Road Films has acquired Stewart’s directorial debut for a November 7 release, bringing it to theaters in what will presumably be a limited rollout at first before Stewart fandom (or potentially even awards buzz) pushes it wider.

As previously reported, Rosewater is the decidedly unfunny true story of Tehran-born BBC journalist Maziar Bahari, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, who found himself imprisoned and tortured over 118 days, after submitting footage of the Iranian street riots that unfolded after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reelection. You can find out more when Jon Stewart interviews director Jon Stewart about Jon Stewart’s must-see new movie on The Daily Show—or we hope, anyway.


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