Jon Stewart, Rachel
Screenshot: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Tuesday’s Late Show saw host Stephen Colbert introducing the winner of a fundraising raffle, a nice lady named Rachel who, for her help in raising nearly half a million dollars for the organization Next For Autism, got the ultimate prize of staring at Colbert’s junk for an hour. Okay, technically the prize was the coveted opportunity to sit under Colbert’s Late Show desk for an entire show, but we all know that under desks is where all junk lives. At any rate, Rachel didn’t seem fazed, happily claiming her additional rewards of delivering a Stormy Daniels/Trump/STD punchline during Colbert’s monologue, and asking guest David Cross about his sort-of cameo in Avengers: Infinity War.

Plus, Rachel was not alone in cramming herself in close proximity to Stephen Colbert’s nethers. Colbert’s pal, former Daily Show boss, and guy who clearly misses goofing about on late-night TV Jon Stewart joined her under the table. With the game and obviously limber Rachel mugging along, Stewart acted the hooky-playing delinquent, chucking throwing stars at Colbert from below frame, and noisily kicking off a killer game of cubbyhole Twister. “Always a pleasure, first of all, to see your lower half,” joked Stewart, before holding up a proof-of-life fake newspaper (aka: actual fake news) to show that he and the lucky Rachel were, indeed, chilling out unseen by Colbert’s feet. Never let it be said that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert won’t go all the way for a good cause, and a silly bit.