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Jon Stewart is now a wrestling-loving unicorn

(Image: WWE)

It’s been good for fans of satirical punditry and honesty in journalism that Jon Stewart’s retirement from The Daily Show hasn’t meant his total absence from TV. Just last week, Stewart showed up on the final episode of The Nightly Show to eulogize Larry Wilmore’s work. And before that, he lent his slightly rusty ranting muscles to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show during his coverage of the big political cons.

But there’s another Jon Stewart on TV, too, one that’s revealed himself slowly since he was freed from his suit-and-tie shackles last year. He first appeared shortly before Stewart’s retirement, at an edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, before hosting SummerSlam 2015. And now, Wrestling Fan Jon Stewart has emerged to show off his unicorn horn once again.

WFJS was in attendance at this weekend’s WWE SummerSlam 2016, where he filmed bits with Stephanie McMahon and pledged his allegiance to tag-team champions The New Day. (Hence the unicorn horn thing, because apparently they draw their strength from “unicorn power.”) Really, it’s just nice to see Stewart having a good time, without needing to blow out his vocal chords decrying the state of the media. (We have to assume that there’s something soothing for him in an environment where everything is supposed to be fake and tuned for maximum drama.) Also, it’s another data point for our ongoing project to chart the length of Stewart’s retirement beard against the general messed-up state of the world. (Current position: the intersection of “pretty tightly cropped” and “kind of fucked,” FYI.)


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