The Daily Show

On the same day that their old fake news stomping grounds got knocked from its long-held late-night Emmy throne, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have announced that they’ll be (briefly) reuniting to take on the existential horror show of the Republican National Convention. Vulture is reporting that Stewart will be stopping by his old protege’s CBS Late Show to kick off its RNC coverage next Monday, even if it’s not clear what, exactly, he’ll be doing yet. (Massaging animals, we guess, if fellow Daily Show alum Samantha Bee has her way.)

Stewart—whose retirement still presumably includes that digital content he’s expected to create for HBO—hasn’t been a stranger to the man he spent years tossing it over to on Comedy Central weeknights, having crashed Colbert’s monologue last December in a bid to drum up congressional support for 9/11 first responders. (Stewart’s actually been a pretty good TV dad to all his talk show kids, appearing on The Late Show, Bee’s Full Frontal, Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show, and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight over the course of the last few years.) Stewart is one of several guests Colbert has lined up for the next two weeks of infighting and political deals (including Oliver), but we doubt many will be as reassuring as seeing the team that once made the world, if not fixed, then at least funny, teaming back up for a minute or two to take the edge off the nightmare we all find ourselves suddenly living in.