The Daily Show

Jon Stewart’s 16-year stretch as the host of The Daily Show will end on August 6, at which point he can finally walk around naked all day and not worry about having to impress Barack Obama or whoever else is stopping by to talk to him that night. That means he has to do something with all of those fabulous suits he’s been wearing every episode, so, as reported by The Guardian, he’s putting a bunch of them on eBay. There are 19 suits in total, 18 of them custom-made for Stewart by Armani. Obviously, if you intend to wear these suits as part of an extremely show-accurate Jon Stewart cosplay thing, it’ll help if you’re his height (five feet, five inches) and size (a 40S). Otherwise, the suit could be used to dress up a creepy Jon Stewart doll, or framed and put on display next to a signed copy of the Daily Show: Indecision 2004 DVD.

The money from the auctions is going to Achilles International, a charity that helps athletes with disabilities, and the auctions end on July 30. Right now, the cheapest item, a brown Banana Republic sport coat, is going for $242. The cheapest Armani suit is only $255, though, so that’s manageable for any especially dedicated Jon Stewart fetishists out there.