As a response to Glenn Beck’s recent “I Have A Vaguely Defined Dream And A Bunch Of American Flags” hoopla at Washington, and the way the general public discourse has devolved into a bunch of howler monkeys armed with megaphones and a poor grasp on Hitler analogies, Jon Stewart announced on last night’s The Daily Show that Oct. 30 will see the “Rally To Restore Sanity” at the D.C. National Mall—a “Million Moderate March” whose slogan is “Take it down a notch for America.” Stewart promises special guests, good conversation, and absolutely no shouting. Naturally, Stewart’s ideological opponent Stephen Colbert countered with his own “March To Keep Fear Alive,” taking place at the very same time and at the very same place. Check out both announcements below.

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Rally to Restore Sanity

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March to Keep Fear Alive
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