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Game Of Thrones has seen its fair share of terrible hosts and house guests. Walder Frey was less than polite when he murdered the heads of the Stark family in his home at the conclusion of the Red Wedding. The Hound likely received a bad Airbnb review after robbing that poor farmer and leaving him and his daughter to starve to death. And this season, Jon Snow interrupted Daenerys Targaryen’s homecoming party on Dragonstone just so he could set up his own personal mining project in her backyard. Where are these people’s manners?

In a new video, YouTube user zouru provides a humorous, if not more realistic look at Jon Snow’s recent visit to the Queen Of Dragons. Dany, who has opted to work from home today, is attempting to have a meeting with her advisors, only to be rudely interrupted by the sounds of Jon Snow and his Nights Watch day-laborers drilling into the island’s core in search of dragon glass. To be fair, it’s partially Dany’s fault for inviting him to “get to work,” but after refusing to bend the knee, this level of rudeness from the King In The North is really beyond the pale. One half expects Jon Snow to barge into the meeting himself, asking if he can get the castle’s wifi password again.


[via Boing Boing]

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