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Jon Snow is the Leeroy Jenkins of Game Of Thrones

(Photo: HBO)

[Note: This article contains some light spoilers for the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, with sporadic flurries of secrets expected to continue throughout the week.]

Nobody has ever confused Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow with a tactical genius. Brave, sure. Floppy-haired and soulful? No doubt. But there’s a reason the most famous catchphrase about the heroic bastard is rooted in all the things he doesn’t know.


In case audiences needed a reminder of Jon’s endless penchant for blindly rushing in, Sunday night’s “The Battle Of The Bastards” provided it in full, with the former Lord Commander charging out ahead of his entire army after being provoked by his villainous counterpart Ramsay Bolton. This strategic masterstroke—which nearly gets Jon crushed to death under a mountain of his own dead men—is eerily reminiscent of another would-be fantasy hero with more foot-speed and courage than common sense: Leeroy Jenkins.

At least, that seems to have been the thought of YouTube user The Blind Editor, who spliced the audio of Jenkins and his famously failed World Of Warcraft raid into Jon’s semi-suicidal attack. Featuring Jon as the ill-fated paladin, and guest-starring Davos Seaworth as the guy who goes, “Oh my god, he just ran in,” it’s a beautiful tribute to the fine art of never looking before you leap, no matter how many arrows are flying at your head.

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