After watching co-star John Slattery in the director’s chair on a couple of last season's episodes, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm has decided to take his own stab at telling everyone what to do. “He handled it with such grace and ability and ease,” Hamm tells TV Line, joking, “I figured if he can do it, shit, I can do it too.” They’re a fun, ball-busting bunch of fellas over at Mad Men. Anyway, Hamm will actually one-up Slattery by directing the fifth season premiere, which finally begins shooting this August after so many delays, some of us feared we’d never see it again. So expectations will definitely be high whenever it finally airs in 2012. Not that Hamm seems to be feeling any pressure about that—or anything at all, probably. We’re guessing there’s not a lot of worrying in Jon Hamm’s life.