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Jon Hamm tells Stephen Colbert about accidentally crashing Trump's SNL afterparty

Jon Hamm, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

Look, when you’re Jon-freaking-Hamm, you get into places, as we found out on Friday’s Late Show. Inviting a friend to Hamilton on Broadway? No sweat for Jon Hamm. Realizing that’s it’s late Saturday evening and deciding to text a pal at Saturday Night Live to find out where that night’s SNL afterparty is? Of course. Finding out that that the party after that particular episode was being hosted by that infamous night’s host, Donald Trump, and still essentially crashing that shit anyway? Step aside, he’s Jon-freaking-Hamm.

“What a bouquet of douche that is,” chimed in Colbert upon hearing that Hamm and friend found themselves confronted by the chest-puffing right-wing duo of Trump and now-disgraced former Fox News blow-bigot, Bill O’Reilly, the latter of whom unsuccessfully tried out one of his storied Papa Bear power moves on the strapping Hamm. Colbert, whose confronted his former alter-ego’s mock idol in the flesh himself, delighted at Hamm’s description of how self-proclaimed alpha male (and legally defined sexual harasser) O’Reilly likes to turn his handshake into some sort of macho-judo tug-of-war situation. “I’m 6'2,” 220 pounds on a good day,” related Hamm, to Colbert’s amusement, “You’re not gonna get me off m’pins.” Hamm explained that he didn’t stay at the gaudy Trump ’do for very long, suggesting the incongruity between the swelling pride in being an American Hamilton had just instilled in him and the sight of a glad-handing, openly racist con man glorying in his ultimately successful run for the presidency had something to do with it.

In non-Trump news, Hamm and Colbert talked about his role in the diaper-less astronaut love-triangle drama Lucy In The Sky, which Hamm demurred was less “based on a true story” than “inspired by true events.” Colbert briefly turned his back and walked off at the equivocation, but he and Hamm hugged it out pretty quickly. Hamm also would neither confirm nor deny anything (including shirtless volleyball) in the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, offering up only a photo of himself in flyboy trim and a description that his role involves him being “on the onramp to the highway to the Danger Zone.” And then he and Colbert both goofed around for a while, ably riffing on a series of movie posters from the unreleased buddy movies (Organized Mime, The Sixth Sensei, Presidog, and its cash-grab sequel Presidog 2: Presidog unleased) like the practiced improvisers they are, and basically being delightful and charming. After all, he’s Jon-freaking-Hamm.


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