Jon Hamm and Ray Romano are both funny, talented people, but they are also both above the age of 40, which means one thing: they play golf. And since they are famous, they play golf together. (This is how the world works.) A few months ago, Hamm was on The Tonight Show, where he displayed some of his low-key but masterful comic chops doing monosyllabic Ray Romano impressions, groaning “ah” and “c’mon” in that familiar bubble-throated tone. You will not believe this, but Jimmy Fallon found it all extremely funny.

It turns out that, while Romano is famously loved by everyone, he is not a man to cross. He has a long memory, and has been sharpening his blade for months now, waiting to extract his revenge. On last night’s Tonight Show, he finally found his moment, calling Hamm a “son of a bitch” and then laying into his own impression of the star:

It’s slightly off-putting to hear Romano emit a sound that is not his own weird voice, but this blood-feud against Hamm demanded it. You do not insult Ray Romano’s golf game on national television.