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The upcoming Rush Hour TV series just found its younger, sexier Jackie Chan. CBS has reportedly hired Jon Foo to play the role of Detective Inspector Lee, a meek Hong Kong police officer who plays by the rules but doesn’t mind flashing his devastating mastery of the martial arts on occasion. Luckily, the powers that be decided to go with an actor who has experience in such arts, despite writer/executive producer Bill Lawrence’s recent comments that he would “go with the best actor and then I’ll make anything work.” Foo, a British actor of Chinese and Irish descent, has done stunt work and a fair amount of roundhouse kicking in his young career—the most notable example being his role in 2010’s Tekken.

The role of Detective James Carter, a cocky black cop who—get this—doesn’t play by the rules or know an ounce of karate, has yet to be filled. Presumably, Lawrence and team are still searching for an actor who can capture that piercing, racist tone that Chris Tucker perfected with the line, “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” in the original Rush Hour.


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