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Jon Favreau wants Beyoncé for his Lion King movie

(Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Expressing his interest in all the single lions (yes, all the single lions), Jon Favreau has his sights set on another big-name performer for his upcoming live-action Lion King movie. Variety reports that Favreau—who recently announced that Donald Glover would star as the voice of Simba in the planned remake, with James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa—has offered the part of Simba’s childhood friend and eventual love interest Nala to Beyoncé Knowles.

It’s been a few years since the Lemonade star (and reigning queen of the pop culture universe) stretched her acting muscles; her last gig was in Fox’s 2013 animated snoozer Epic. Beyoncé has yet to confirm or deny whether she’ll take the part; she’s currently pregnant with twins, but that might not stop her from taking on the voice acting role as Simba’s fiery friend, or our hearts from getting set on a Queen Bey reprise of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.


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