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Jon Favreau may direct Disney's "let's just make a movie about the whole damn Magic Kingdom" movie

When Disney first proposed its Magic Kingdom project—in which the entire park comes alive, Night At The Museum-style, to create one big Disney-themed adventure, corporate synergy-style—it offhandedly referred to it as “its own Justice League or The Avengers.” The company seems to be taking that comic-book movie comparison pretty seriously, actually, as it’s now approached Jon Favreau to direct, who will reportedly oversee an all-new draft of an idea originally submitted by Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore. (Nowhere in these reports, by the way, is there any mention of the very similar Kingdom Keepers books. Nor Cory Doctorow, but that's probably a good thing.) So… What do you think happens when Disney theme park attractions come alive? Form social cliques based on their cross-marketing potential? Or just talk about vomit?


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