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Jon Favreau crowned Disney’s live-action Lion King director

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Jon Favreau’s live-action The Jungle Book movie for Disney not only beat the Warner Bros.’ version to the screen, its $966M worldwide box-office take sent the rival project scampering off to 2018 for a release date. The MCU player has already been tapped to helm a sequel. With Favreau so firmly planted himself among the flora and fauna of the jungle, Disney’s now teaming up with the director for a live-action reimagining of The Lion King. Favreau trumpeted the news on Twitter ahead of any formal press release, but at least he used the pertinent emoji:


Disney has just confirmed the news via its own channels, indicating that the film will be fast tracked though the release date has been scheduled yet. The original animated film landed in the middle of the Disney Renaissance, spawning a Broadway adaptation and two direct-to-video sequels and TV series. This latest live-action adaptation of Disney’s own takes on fairy tales and other well-known stories will include songs from the original animated film, though it’s not yet known if any of the voice cast will return. But should that happen, maybe Jonathan Taylor Thomas will replace Matthew Broderick as the grown Simba.

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