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Jon Daly will cheer you up with a shot-for-shot remake of the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" video

Whether he’s performing as Papa John’s Misty or provoking Larry David with his cute lil mailman shorts on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jon Daly is a dependable laugh factory. Combine that natural comedic talent with sheer pandemic-driven ingenuity, and you’ve got yourself a stew going. For his latest goof ’em up, Daly delivers a shot-for-shot remake of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Start Me Up” music video—you know, the one where Mick Jagger wears a purple shirt and white sweatpants and does his sassy rooster dance against a vacant, black backdrop. It was the ’80s. Listen, if you know, you know.


But this isn’t just a shot-for-shot remake—it’s also a delightful and potentially evergreen parody. Titled “Cheer Me Up,” the cover features a couple of simple lyric swaps and bam, suddenly it’s all about cheering up. “If you cheer me up, if you cheer me up I’ll never stop.” See? Very effective, especially when taken with Daly’s absurd duck-face preening. This fun little visual ditty is directed by comedian and writer Jake Fogelnest, known for his work on Difficult People, Billy On The Street, and multiple appearances on VH1's classic I Love The... series. He also plays the drummer in “Cheer Me Up,” which features music by Cyrus Ghahremani. Thank you to Jon Daly and his pals for this tiny act of comedic service.

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