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Jon Daly escalates his beef with Lil Xan in new diss track

Lil Xan is a rapper. He has some very bad face tattoos and his debut album is called Total Xanarchy. Despite these facts, he has millions of views on YouTube and a rabid fanbase. It’s important for you to know this information because now you will be able to fully appreciate Jon Daly’s parody diss track (or “kiss track”) directed at the 21-year-old rapper.

I’m Your Dad,” by Jon Daly, AKA Big Baby Asprin, is an eerily convincing parody of Soundcloud rappers and explores the challenges that come along with being the father of burgeoning rap star Lil Xan. It’s also the culmination of a week-long feud between Daly—who readers will recognize from Kroll Show, Comedy Bang Bang, and I’m Dying Up Here—and Lil Xan’s fans—who readers will recognize from, um, Soundcloud.


It all started last Friday when Daly tweeted, “If you’re a white rapper with no face tattoos, go get a bunch of face tattoos bro!” Then, after being made aware of the existence of Lil Xan and his numerous face and neck tattoos, Daly called him out specifically, saying, “I’m sorry about all your very bad face tattoos @lilxanfuhyobih - Stay off downers and go back to high school!”

Predictably, this triggered in an onslaught from Lil Xan’s teenage fans who repeatedly informed the comedian that he was both old and not as famous as their favorite rapper. But, rather than retreat from the criticism, Daly instead let it fuel his creative process, inspiring such memorable lyrics as, “Make you sad / Make you mad / Build a snowman / With Josh Gad.” Then, after putting the fiery diss track to tape, Daly posed for a shirtless cover photo—complete with his own awful parodies of Xan’s awful tattoos—and scooped up the highly-coveted URL LilXansDad.com.

So far, Lil Xan has yet to respond to the feud, but we would assume his response track is forthcoming. Until then, “I’m Your Dad” will just join the pantheon of classic Jon Daly parody songs alongside the fake Red Hot Chili Pepper’s track, “Abracadabralifornia,” which is required listening for comedy fans everywhere.


[via Stereogum]

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