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JoJo Siwa and Nickelodeon shocked to find their kids' game JoJo's Juice contains "inappropriate content"

JoJo Siwa performs in 2019.
JoJo Siwa performs in 2019.
Photo: Michael Tullberg (Getty Images)

Look, JoJo Siwa has a lot going on. In between her dancing, singing, acting, Masked Singer stint, and social media influencing, she does not have time to make sure to quality check everything with her bedazzled face on it. We give it to the enthusiastic 17-year-old for being way more productive (and rich) than we will probably ever be—but she should probably hire someone (or someone different) to actually look at the things she’s licensed her image to appear on.

“Over the weekend, it has been brought to my attention by my fans and followers on TikTok that my name and my image have been used to promote this board game that has some really inappropriate content,” Siwa, who first rose to fame on Dance Moms, said in a video posted on her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts Monday evening. “Now when companies make these games, they don’t run every aspect by me, so I had no idea of the types of questions that were on these playing cards.”

The game in question is a Nickelodeon-branded offering called JoJo’s Juice, named for a popular segment from Siwa’s social media channels in which she answered fan questions (and, for some reason, pour a bottle of juice over her head). The game advertises itself as being for ages “6+” but contains cards asking players to answer questions like “Have you ever walked in on someone naked or had someone walk in on you?” and “Have you ever been arrested?” and even the ones that a 6-year-old may have an answer to—like “Have you ever stolen from a store?” and “Who in this room would you most like to date?”—they probably shouldn’t be asked to answer.


“When I first saw this, I was really, really, really upset at how gross these questions were, and so I brought it to Nickelodeon’s attention immediately,” Siwa continued in her video. “And since then, they have been working to get this game stopped being made and also pulled from all shelves wherever it’s being sold.... I hope you all know that I would’ve never ever ever approved or agreed to be associated with this game if I would’ve seen these cards before they started selling it.”

Nickelodeon and Spin Master, who manufactured JoJo’s Juice, released a statement to Insider on Monday, stating that the game is no longer being manufactured: “We respect and value the relationship JoJo Siwa has with her fans and take the concerns raised regarding the game JoJo’s Juice very seriously.... We have requested that retailers pull any remaining product from their shelves.”

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