Todd VanDerWerff and Zack Handlen's reviews of The X-Files have finally reached the point where the show attempted to reach out to the broader audience of America's X-Files neophytes by putting a movie based on the show's labyrinthine mythology in theaters and expecting those neophytes to keep up. To mark the occasion, Todd and Zack will be hosting a live-chat of the film on Saturday, so everyone can mock/praise the film and pretend it's 1998 again, and we're all really excited to see that Armageddon movie everybody's been talking about.

There's just one problem: We don't know what time to host the chat. That's where you come in. Let us know what time would be best for you hearty few who follow the X-Files recaps, and we'll pick the time that seems to work well for the most people. You can, of course, drop in and leave throughout the proceedings, though only those who stick out the whole thing will earn the much-coveted (and completely imaginary) VanDerBadge.


So get in comments and let us know just when you'd like to watch Mulder and Scully almost kiss, then abruptly call it off because Scully gets stung by a bee that may or may not be carrying smallpox and/or an alien virus. (We can't believe we remember that.)