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Join the adventure in this fan-made animation of Dan Harmon’s D&D exploits

Prepare to enter a realm of bad jokes posing as riddles, irate gnomes, and wizards with cliched-named hawks. Stéphane Demers tosses a saving throw for hilarity in this animated version of the Dungeons & Dragons adventures from Dan Harmon’s Harmontown podcast. The Montreal-based animator has transported Harmon, comptroller Jeff Davis, and dungeonmaster Spencer Crittenden from their audio D&D quest into an excellent cartoon that captures the fun and frivolity of the regular highlight of many a Harmontown episode.

While the state of the official Harmonquest animated series remains in question, Demers has done a great job in recreating the epic scenes and backstory for Sharpie Buttsalot and Quark Pfffffff as they prepare to enter a forest full of unknown danger and possibility. Huzzah!

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