The time has come for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, the television industry’s 66th annual gathering of everyone who made great TV this year (and didn’t die). There will certainly be a questionably tasteful parade of familiar dead faces, and with any luck it’ll be shorter than last year’s ceremony-long In Memoriam segment. But if it isn’t, The A.V. Club has once again stepped up to be the voice of levity at the wailing wall that is L.A.’s Nokia Theatre, with many of your favorite TV Club writers chiming in on who wins, who should’ve won, who they’re wearing, and who we’ve been drinking (time for this writer to break out the 12-year-old Irish whiskey) right here. We’ll also be tweeting with the #avctv hashtag in an attempt to make a trending topic out of our collective sadness over Breaking Bad’s final run at the big awards. Because Breaking Bad, like so many other things TV-related, is dead. Long live Breaking Bad; longer live The A.V. Club livechat.