John Lydon, the erstwhile Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame, will play King Herod in a North American touring version of Jesus Christ Superstar, the ’70s Broadway sensation about some awesome singer/King Of The Jews guy. Much like Rotten himself, Jesus Christ Superstar was once seen as subversive and even dangerous, but is now something that your parents can mostly enjoy. Joining Lydon in this touring company will be Brandon Boyd of Incubus (as Judas Iscariot), JC Chasez of ’N Sync (as Pontius Pilate), and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child (as Mary Magdalene). On the scale of strange things that Lydon has done in recent years, this is somewhere near the top, though not quite at the level of that butter commercial he did. The tour will play for 50 shows, and those inclined to believe this is actually happening, and not just some poorly timed April Fool’s prank, can purchase tickets here.