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Johnny Depp's Thin Man remake to have "Sherlock Holmes-like" stylization, musical numbers

Illustration for article titled Johnny Depps emThin Man/em remake to have emSherlock Holmes/em-like stylization, musical numbers

Though temporarily thwarted in his Lone Ranger plans, Johnny Depp has already focused his energies toward correcting another familiar pop culture property’s glaring lack of Johnny Depp. According to Deadline, he and most recent Pirates Of The Caribbean director Rob Marshall are now working with his Secret Window writer-director David Koepp, who will take over the task of mimicking some of the most highly regarded dialogue in cinema history from Jerry Stahl, who was supposedly hired but “apparently nothing got written.” (Which is a phrase that would sound innocuous if it concerned anyone but the guy from Permanent Midnight.) Koepp is now reportedly starting fresh by drawing elements from the original Dashiell Hammett novel as well as the William Powell and Myrna Loy films, then loudly drowning those out with all the things required by the recently outlined rules for tentpole moviemaking, such as Johnny Depp, “a Sherlock Holmes-like stylized treatment,” and maybe even working in “a musical number or two.” Progressing exactly as you’d expect, in other words. Still no word on who will play Nora to Depp's Nick, or just how sassy the inevitably CGIed Asta will be. We will guess "plenty."


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