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Johnny Depp wouldn’t mind taking over as SNL’s Trump impersonator

(Photo: Getty Images For Disney, Kristy Sparow)

Last year, when mocking Donald Trump was just a fun diversion and not a key part of the #Resistance, Johnny Depp starred in a Funny Or Die adaptation of Trump’s The Art Of The Deal. Recently, Depp appeared on Ellen (via The Hollywood Reporter), where he resurrected his Trump impression while explaining why he’s tickled by the man’s nonsensical way of speaking. That led Ellen DeGeneres ask Depp if he’d be interested in taking over for Alec Baldwin if he ever decided to step down as Saturday Night Live’s resident Trump impersonator.

Depp says he’s aware of Baldwin’s impression and has heard that it’s good, but he somehow has never actually seen it. (Apparently, Johnny Depp has better things to do on Saturday night than watch NBC.) DeGeneres said it’s “shocking” that Depp hasn’t seen Baldwin’s Trump, to which Depp said that he’s “seen Trump do Trump,” which is shocking enough for him. As for whether or not he’d want to replace Baldwin, Depp said “sure,” since he can just copy Baldwin now that he’s “done all of the work.” Also, Depp doesn’t bring this up, but he and Trump allegedly have something in common, so he might be able to bring a unique energy to the role.


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