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The case of the West Memphis 3 has thus far yielded three acclaimed Paradise Lost films, the West Of Memphis documentary produced by Peter Jackson, and the upcoming Atom Egoyan dramatization The Devil’s Knot with Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. However, you will notice that none of these has an abundance of Johnny Depp, making it incumbent upon longtime West Memphis 3 and Johnny Depp supporter Johnny Depp to give their story the Johnny Depp factor that is so important to attracting the widest possible audience and bringing the nation together. Fortunately, Deadline reports that Depp and his Infinitum Nihil production shingle have acquired the adaptation rights to a memoir written by the WM3’s Damien Echols (due to be published this September) that details Echols’ experiences on death row. And while Depp is regrettably too old play Echols himself, there’s still the possibility that Johnny Depp—who visited Echols in prison, and even took him to Disneyland upon his release—could take on the crucial role of “Johnny Depp,” thus doubling the movie’s overall Depp quotient, and potentially making it the most successful film of all time.


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