Johnny Depp’s planned update of The Lone Ranger with his Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has entered the “musing aloud” phase, with Depp recently telling Entertainment Tonight that he’s already thinking about who will play the masked man among the “so many interesting possibilities out there.” Depp then proceeded to name the least interesting possibilities imaginable, conjuring actors that even lanternfish some 5,000 feet below sea level have some glancing awareness of: “"Brad [Pitt] would be great. [George] Clooney would be great.” Great. (According to the article, apparently Depp’s good time filming The Tourist with Angelina Jolie has led him to believe it would also be fun to work with the guy who sleeps with her.)

As to how Depp will approach playing Tonto, he says he’s well aware of the stigma surrounding the character, and that he hopes to use the film to “rectify” the way that Native Americans have often been portrayed—presumably by making Tonto secretly gay, like all of Depp’s characters.