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Johnny Depp starting publishing imprint to put out a book about Bob Dylan

Last week, The A.V. Club reported that Johnny Depp had called dibs on literally all of Shakespeare's plays for a new series he plans to develop through his production company, Infinitum Nihil. Now, in the latest installment of the actor's campaign to become Emperor Of All Media, Depp has announced that he has created a new imprint of HarperCollins Publishers called (gasp!) Infinitum Nihil. Depp says that the imprint's mission will be to publish works featuring "visionary ideas and voices" that "might ordinarily never have breached the parapet." The first missile on its literary trebuchet, The Unraveled Tales Of Bob Dylan, is a new look at the folk singer's life, based on his interviews with historian Douglas Brinkley. It's set for a 2015 release. The imprint will also publish House Of Earth, a long-lost novel by Woody Guthrie, this January. [via The Washington Post]


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