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Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

Sometimes in life, hardships—like, say, battling the entire nation of Australia over your right to take your dogs wherever you goddamned please, because you’re Johnny Goddamn Depp—will strengthen a marriage, bringing two people together in their shared hatred of a nation of dog-hating, customs-loving jerks. But other times, love simply cannot trump the dark allure of the night, a dark temptation that only a true Hollywood Vampire can know. And so, various outlets are reporting that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are consciously decoupling from each other—Mortdecai stars never merely “divorce”—with Heard filing for the separation today.

You might remember Heard and Depp—who’ve been married for 15 months, and dating since 2011—for their roles together in The Rum Diary, or that video apology where they put the full power of their love behind shoving as much sarcasm as humanly possible into the words “bio-security” and declarations of respect for the Australian people. Heard is apparently applying for financial support from Depp; it’s not clear if she’ll also receive full or partial custody over the couple’s collection of scarves and interesting hats.


[via Vanity Fair]

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