(Photo: Samir Hussein/Redferns)

The ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and his former managers at the unimaginatively named The Management Company has seen a lot of the Pirates Of The Caribbean star’s dirty laundry aired. TMG filed a countersuit against Depp after he sued them for allegedly mishandling his money, thereby screwing him out of millions of dollars. The ex-managers have previously called Depp’s spending and professionalism into question, but their latest claims are a bit more personal in nature. According to People, TMG’s moved past the “lousy spendthrift and actor” stuff and onto the “abusive turd” area of Depp’s life.

Amber Heard, Depp’s ex-wife, accused him of domestic abuse last May, when she was granted a restraining order. Depp denied that he was abusive, and Heard dropped that claim when they settled their divorce, pledging her $7 million settlement to charity. But in court documents that People recently obtained, TMG appears to back some of Heard’s claims. One of Depp’s former managers, Joel Mandel, claims to have been “informed well after the fact through communications with various house staff and security that Depp had been extremely volatile and had sometimes ‘gotten physical’ with Heard” in 2014.


TMG also alleges in those documents that text messages that Depp and Heard reportedly exchanged in May 2014—in which Depp apologizes via an assistant for “having done wrong,” i.e., kicking her—were real, despite Depp’s claims Heard had somehow falsified them. In the documents, which were filed last month, TMG alleges that “Depp knew full well that the text messages were genuine, but pressured and berated his assistant to falsely challenge the texts publicly.” No one from Depp’s camp has responded to the recent filings.