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Thompson and Depp in 1998. (Photo: Rose Hartman / Getty Images)

We all know by now that Johnny Depp is a turd, right? Okay, cool. Well, amid the domestic violence allegations and bad movies, turns out Depp did do one nice thing: He spent $3 million giving his friend Hunter S. Thompson a proper sendoff by shooting his ashes out of a giant cannon, in accordance with Thompson’s wishes, back in 2005.

That detail came to light as part of a countersuit filed by Depp’s former management yesterday in response to a suit Depp himself filed on January 13, in which the Pirates Of The Caribbean star alleges that his managers had screwed him out of tens of millions of dollars over the years. In the countersuit, The Management Company (yes, that’s its real name) says that, actually, Depp drove himself to the brink of financial ruin all by his damn self, spending in excess of $2 million a month to fund his “ultra-extravagant” lifestyle “which he simply could not afford.”


That lifestyle, according to TMG, included: $30,000 a month spent on wine, $200,000 a month on private planes, $150,000 a month on security, and $300,000 a month to pay his 40-person staff. That’s on top of the $75 million required to buy and maintain his various residences around the world, and the $18 million he spent on a yacht, among other extravagances. The suit doesn’t elaborate on how much Depp spends every month on eyeliner and hats, but one can only assume it’s ridiculous as well.

You can read the whole lawsuit over at Variety.


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