The Wrap has reported that Johnny Depp is confirmed to play the lead in Transcendence, a movie about a man who attempts to infuse a machine with human intellect. (Or, as producer Andrew Kosove puts it, “It is true Johnny Depp’s brain is uploaded into a computer.”) Transcendence will mark the directorial debut of the unfortunately named Wally Pfister, a veteran cinematographer who's worked with Christopher Nolan on every one of his films since Memento. Nolan himself will executive produce from a script by first-time screenwriter Jack Paglen. The script is still being developed, but it sounds so far like something written by someone who just took an adult education class in navigating a PC in the '90s: Depp’s character is killed, the information in his brain is somehow transferred to a computer, and the computer is connected to the Internet—presumably so he can check Buzzfeed 24/7. There are also probably lots of giant floppy discs thrown in there for good measure.