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Johnny Depp is at his least handsome when he’s peeling his Trump makeup off

Johnny Depp has been disguising his matinee idol handsomeness beneath wigs and makeup for decades now, stretching back to at least Edward Scissorhands. In recent years, thanks to films like Black Mass and Alice In Wonderland, the actor has taken an almost perverse pride in rendering himself unrecognizable, affecting strange accents and odd mannerisms in seemingly every screen assignment. Recently, through the auspices of Funny Or Die, Depp took on the supremely unflattering role of Donald Trump in a faux made-for-TV movie adaptation of The Art Of The Deal. In many ways, this is the perfect part for middle-period Depp: It allows him to wear a crazy wig, talk in a funny voice, behave in an off-putting manner, and even slather ghoulish latex makeup on his famous visage.

But what happens when it comes time to remove that makeup? Funny Or Die has released a disturbing behind-the-scenes video showing Depp doing just that. Comparisons to Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist spring immediately to mind as Depp stares with haunted eyes into a mirror and quite literally peels his own face off, leaving various remnants of his Trump disguise still clinging to his neck and chin. The 1980s Trump wig is next to go, revealing Depp’s own flattened hair beneath. The man left at the end of the video seems to be neither Trump nor Depp, but some helpless creature trapped between two worlds. Understandably, the actor flips off his own reflection and then, perhaps still possessed by Trump, tells either the cameraman or the audience, “Fuck you, too.”


#FODTrumpMovie Behind The Scenes: Johnny Depp Unmasked from Funny Or Die

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