The fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie must have gone better than expected, because after circling the film for a while, Johnny Depp and Rob Marshall have both officially signed on to the planned Warner Bros. remake of the 1934 classic The Thin Man. Depp takes on William Powell’s role as the speakeasy-frequenting Nick Charles, a private detective drawn into a murder investigation. The original incarnation of the Dashiell Hammet novel spawned six films and a television series, which makes Warner Bros. intentions for creating another detective franchise utterly obvious. No word yet on who will play Nora Charles, a role originated by Myrna Loy. Powell and Loy starred in 14 films together, making the obvious knee-jerk choice Helena Bonham Carter, but without Tim Burton in the director’s chair she’d probably have to actually audition or something. Hat tip to Slashfilm.