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Director John Woo has chosen his next project—the action thriller Manhunt, a remake of a celebrated Japanese film about a prosecutor who is framed for robbery, rape, and multiple murders, sending him on a quest to clear his name. The premise is taken from a book—and not, as you may assume, most action movies ever—called Hot Pursuit by Juko Nishimura. It was made into a Japanese film in 1976, starring the late Ken Takakura as the prosecutor.

Production on Manhunt will begin sometime in 2015, after Woo completes his two-part epic The Crossing. According to rights holder Media Asia, Manhunt will be made in Chinese, Korean, and English. Peter Lam, chairman of Media Asia, says, “When I found out that John was a huge fan of the late Ken Takakura, I immediately gave him a call, trying to convince him to direct the film for us.”

In a statement, Woo said, “By chance I was mourning the loss of Takakura when Peter called, and I accepted the challenge in a heartbeat.” Because how better to honor a film than to remake it so that the general populace gradually stops acknowledging the original’s existence? But before you accuse Woo of negligence with others’ artistry, remember that he’s also keen on remaking his own films. It’s all part of his vision of a universe comprised entirely of remakes—and of course doves.

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