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John Woo also wants to do an English-language remake of Youth Of The Beast

Like a dove symbolically struggling to become airborne while two guys shoot pistols at each other below, John Woo's career continues to try truly taking off in America—a decade-plus-long quest that now seems to mostly involve Woo remaking foreign movies (including his own) for English-speaking audiences. The latest classic tipped to have the subtitles removed so they stop getting in the way of the gun barrels is Seijun Suzuki's acclaimed 1963 Yakuza film Youth Of The Beast, which Woo has announced plans to redo as Day Of The Beast, a film about an American guy with a troubled past who becomes embroiled in a turf war between Japanese and Russian mobsters—a war that no doubt eventually erupts in some sort of balletic exchange of bullets. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new script comes from Rob Frisbee. "Oh, of the Connecticut Frisbees?" you ask, languidly stirring your gin and tonic. Which, we don't think so, but Vulture seems pretty sure that it's the same Rob Frisbee that won the first season of The Amazing Race, which would also be something.


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