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John Wick to become a video game, as if it wasn't kind of one already

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Photo: Niko Tavernise (Lionsgate)

As avowed fans of the John Wick franchise of media properties—in which a man wears a suit so well that it makes him borderline invincible to entire cities’ worth of gun-toting hired goons—we’d be the first to admit that they can be a little bit video game-y in their execution. Given the sheer number of heavily armed dudes Keanu Reeves dispatches in every movie, it wouldn’t surprise us if these guys were emerging out of a pipe somewhere like Mario’s Goombas, just waiting to be stomped, murder-cuddled, and then swiftly dispatched by Wick’s unflappable wrath.

Now, John Wick is finally coming home to the medium where he truly belongs, with THR reporting that a video game adaptation of the franchise is currently in the works. John Wick Hex—continuing the series’ recent trend of inscrutable subtitles, right alongside the upcoming Parabellum—will allow you to slip into the fashionable murder-shoes of Baba Yaga himself, dispatching god-knows how many hapless mobster bad guys with customary aplomb. And while Reeves himself probably won’t be revisiting the character’s guttural growls, the game’s developers at Good Shepherd Entertainment do have Lance Reddick and Ian McShane on the hook to provide their voices. Even more excitingly, they’re apparently working closely with the films’ stunt team, in an effort to ensure that Digital Wick can do all the ludicrous, gun-discarding tricks that the real one pulls off on the reg.


Looking at the above trailer, it actually looks like the game will be turn-based, allowing you to plan out Wick’s moves one-by-one—probably a smart move, since the alternative would be demanding that the average player somehow manifest the reflexes and killing skills of John Wick, which seems like kind of a heavy ask.

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