(Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Clara Bow, silent film star and the original “It Girl,” is getting a biopic some 80 years after her last film was released. Variety reports that Silver Bullet Media is teaming up with John Wick producer Mike Witherill to adapt David Stenn’s biography of the actress, Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild. Stenn is working on the script, but a director for the project hasn’t been named yet.

Bow’s movie career spanned 11 years, during which time she made 46 silent films and 11 “talkies.” She successfully transitioned to talkies, but made some of her most iconic films in the silent medium. Bow garnered much acclaim for her performance in Clarence G. Badger’s It, which was based on an Elinor Glyn novella, but her star power outside of the movies led to the creation of the “It Girl” label. There’s no word on which current or prospective “It Girl” will be cast as the original, but we imagine the search will be on the scale as that of the one for the young Han Solo.


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