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We’ve spilled quite a bit of ink here in the Newswire world musing about John Wick’s general capacity for killing, and speculating that—in addition to the roughly, oh, million bad guys he murders over the course of his three feature films—he could also take down everyone from the Predator to God to Dracula. (Note: Please do not steal our personal, totally legal intellectual property John Wick Vs. Dracula, unless you are Hollywood, in which case, go to fucking town.) Now we can add “battle pass-addicted Fortnite tweens” to Baba Yaga’s list of targets, with Variety reporting that hack-happy fans of the massively popular online shooter have dug up some details about an upcoming Wick-based event.

Luckily for players, said event—presumably timed for May 17's release of John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum—Oh Shit, Now There’s Horses—won’t actually unleash the man himself on the resident riders of the Battle Bus, presumably because they would all die. (And hey, we know Fortnite did a whole big event where people could play as Thanos recently, but ol’ Glove-Loving Grimace is, in our estimation,something like an order of magnitude less lethal than our boy JW.) Instead, players will fight to collect the series’ signature gold coins, which they’ll be able to use to purchase a John Wick skin, other cosmetics, and, presumably, a knowing nod from digital Ian McShane, a.k.a. the ultimate badge of violent video game honor.


There’s no exact details on when this bounty hunt mode will launch, but John Wick: Chapter 3 hits theaters this weekend.

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