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John Wick directors book another movie, this one with Charlize Theron

Mad Max: Fury Road

Watching Keanu Reeves get revenge on a bunch of guys hurting his dog worked so well the first time, directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski quickly put together a second round of it. And since Focus Features noticed what a good job the two did, the studio wants them on board for a distaff version—or at least that’s probably what Focus is hoping for. Deadline reports that the John Wick helmers and Charlize Theron are on board to make The Coldest City, a spy thriller based on a bestselling graphic novel by Antony Johnston.

The Coldest City will be a period piece, as it stars Theron as “a super spy who springs into action after an underground MI6 officer is killed just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.” She has to find and protect a list the officer was smuggling into the West in order to safeguard the counterintelligence community, because all action movies are now based on old Mission: Impossible storylines. Of course, none of this is happening until Leitch and Stahelski get to that Bloodshot movie they agreed to direct first, yet another in a shared universe film franchise, something Focus undoubtedly hopes will be the case with The Coldest City, too. So look for The Coldest City: Havana Nights to drop sometime in 2022, likely with a puppy-injuring prologue so everyone knows why the subsequent violence ensues.


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