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John Wick just beat the Avengers—or at least The Avengers in italics, because his movie made more money than their movie this weekend and there’s no way he could actually beat the actual Avengers—but he’s not going to that peaceful ending just yet. According to Variety, Baba Yaga will be back in just two years from tomorrow, with Lionsgate scheduling John Wick 4 for May 21, 2021. We obviously don’t know anything about what will happen in the fourth movie, partially because, you know, not everyone has seen the third movie yet, but it’s safe to assume there will be some stylish action and some very good doggos. Chapter 3 introduced a number of additional dogs alongside the pupper Wick adopted after the first movie, so maybe Chapter 4 will just throw in way more dogs?

Actually, speaking of, Variety notes that the only other movie currently scheduled for May 21, 2021 is a little Warner Bros. joint called DC Super Pets. We know John Wick can beat the Predator and we know John Wick can beat The Avengers, but what happens when John Wick has to face Krypto The Superdog and Ace The Bat-Hound? All we know is that it’s going to get pretty ruff.


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