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John Wick 2’s stunt coordinator would be the best career day speaker

Screenshot: YouTube

If you’re a fan of the John Wick franchise, you can direct a lot of your enthusiastic, whole-armed applause toward Darrin Prescott. He’s the defiantly calm man behind the maniacal, adrenaline-fueled stunts in both John Wick movies. In a new video from Vanity Fair, Prescott breaks down John Wick 2’s opening car chase with the same casual ease an accountant might explain their job to a class of freshman on career day—but it’s doubtful anyone would nod off for this.

The eight-minute video shows Prescott using an interactive monitor to literally draw your attention to the myriad ways in which he cleverly destroys beautiful vehicles. You get to see how they shot a “car gangbang,” took their best guess as to how hard to slam a car sideways into a building, and sent a motorcycle careening toward the camera. At one point Prescott methodically explains how he got a car to tailspin-launch a man into a post, and calls the insane stunt a “gag.” This man has ice water in his veins.


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