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John Travolta may try to John Wick himself with the revenge thriller I Am Wrath

Illustration for article titled John Travolta may try to iJohn Wick /ihimself with the revenge thriller iI Am Wrath/i

Raising the question of how many comebacks one actor can have and shouldn’t he save one for—oh, I don’t know, Russell Crowe—The Wrap reports that John Travolta is in talks to star in the vigilante revenge thriller I Am Wrath. If he takes the role, Travolta will play the “I”, a man whose name will probably not be John Wrath (although that would be pretty great), but who will presumably be overrun with the eponymous emotion after a corrupt police department fails to catch his wife’s killer.


Previously planned as a vehicle for Nicolas Cage to be directed by William Friedkin, I Am Wrath has since passed into the hands of director Chuck Russell, whose last feature film was 2002’s The Scorpion King. (He also directed Eraser, The Mask, and the remake of The Blob that is now itself being remade.) That was 13 years ago, so should this project go through, Travolta won‘t be the only one on set trying to prove that he‘s still got it, a feat best accomplished by making a film in a genre that arguably peaked several decades before. Hey, it worked last time.

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