American Crime Story

At a premiere event for tonight’s American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson finale, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with John Travolta and asked if he’d be involved in any future seasons of Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series. Travolta said that he has told Murphy and FX that he’s “interested” in coming back, but that’s not the whole story. Apparently, Travolta already has a vision for a specific scene that he wants to be in the next incarnation of American Crime Story, and it sounds like he might be hoping to play himself in it.

Unlike this season of American Crime Story, which entirely revolved around O.J. Simpson and his trial, season two will reportedly expand its focus to Hurricane Katrina, centering on the “fascinating sub-stories” involved in that disaster’s aftermath. Travolta says Katrina “comes close to home” for him because he was involved in the relief effort, and he told THR about a particularly touching interaction he had with “a big brute of a guy” who had been helping other survivors even though he already lost so much in the storm. Travolta says the man hugged him and “started sobbing” when they met, simply because Travolta was “a familiar face” and his arrival was “the first sign of help.” Travolta doesn’t know what the plot of the new season will look like, but he says a touching scene like that is the sort of thing that “has to happen.”


Of course, for that scene to occur, someone will have to play the John Travolta part. Sadly, THR didn’t ask for any casting suggestions, but the obvious choice seems to be that the role should either go to Travolta himself or one of his American Crime Story co-stars. Maybe David Schwimmer?