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Illustration for article titled John Olivers first guest on iLast Week Tonight/i will be the former NSA director

This Sunday, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver will premiere on HBO, and though its promos have suggested its general tone won’t be too far afield from his work on The Daily Show, it remains to be seen what form the interview portions will take. But at least the guest list promises to be every bit as serious, as Oliver will kick off his first show by talking to former National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander.


In the fall of 2013, Alexander announced his retirement from the NSA amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Edward Snowden and leaked documents that detailed the NSA’s surveillance practices. Oliver already proved he could offer up illuminating and comedic interviews when he sat-in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last summer, and there’s certainly plenty to talk about here.

Last Week Tonight airs Sunday at 11 p.m. ET—part of the newly extended “cool down block” that follows Game Of Thrones, giving fans a chance to catch their breath after whatever insane shit gets thrown at them this week.

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