(Screenshot: YouTube/LastWeekTonight)

John Oliver filmed the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight before the second presidential debate, so the host wasn’t able to comment on the fact that Donald Trump said he would try to put Hillary Clinton in jail if he won and weirdly loomed behind his opponent during the town hall style proceedings. Oliver did, however, take some time to tackle the issue of the leaked footage of Trump making despicable statements about grabbing women by their genitalia, and the candidate’s lackluster apology in which he said the “words don’t reflect” who he is. Watch below via Entertainment Weekly:

Not so, according to Oliver, who countered that Trump’s abominable words “could not capture his essence more if they were spoken by a spray-tanned Furby, eating KFC, and screaming at a Gold Star family.” The host also had some choice language directed at NBC’s Billy Bush, who was captured laughing at Trump’s remarks and egging him on: “Fuck Billy Bush.”


Bush got another call out during Oliver’s segment on the fact that Guantánamo continues to remain open. “Now the worst of the worst is a big claim,” he said. “I can think of at least one person who fits that category and who is not in there, and that’s because apparently he still is working for the Today show.” (Well, at least Bush has been suspended since that joke was recorded.) Ultimately Oliver brought it all back around to Trump: “If we don’t shut it down, future President Trump could theoretically throw anyone he doesn’t like into Guantánamo and, you might say, well, come on, he’d have to come up with some pretext, and it couldn’t be an American citizen, but I would like to put it to you that I’ve been shit talking this guy for the better part of a year and I own a fucking Casio watch, so we need to shut this shit down now.”