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John Oliver is coming for Geraldo Rivera, too

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Photo: HBO)

Though he spent much of last night’s Last Week Tonight discussing the importance of the upcoming French presidential election, John Oliver made time to address 45’s latest attempt to kick off World War III already. In case you somehow missed it, Trump followed up his air strike on Syria by dropping a huge-as-fuck bomb—sorry, we know the accepted nomenclature is “mother of all bombs,” but that’s just gross—on a cave complex in Afghanistan, killing nearly 100 ISIS fighters. The Trump sycophants over at Fox News tripped over themselves to the attacks, though no one was more excited than Geraldo Rivera, who seemed almost aroused while discussing how much pleasure he’s derived from watching similar events unfold over the last 16 years.

Rivera clearly has a complicated relationship with shows of force, as he waxes on about a high school bully who was just so adorably unpredictable. In fact, he’s so swept up recollecting this brute that he basically ends up calling the sitting president a bully. Rather than commend Rivera for managing to make that connection on his own, Oliver’s too appalled by how flushed the mustachioed correspondent’s become over the death and destruction to muster more than a loud “fuck you.”


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